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The Mission

Our mission at SMART VALOR is to provide our users the best opportunities to invest in digital assets. We empower thousands of investors to do so using our digital asset exchange platform. Today we have launched VALOR Prime, the premium non-fungible token (NFT) platform. 

Curating high quality digital artworks for you

VALOR Prime is focused on quality over quantity. Rather than enable user-led listing of all non-fungible tokens, VALOR Prime reviews, selects and lists only the highest quality of assets. The selection process is based on a combination of objective criteria such as the performance history of the artist, the quality of their artwork, popularity and social media presence, past awards, exhibitions and experts' curation.

Asset Custody Options

Managing digital assets is difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the process or do not possess a lot of technical knowledge. Using a custodian such as SMART VALOR takes the legal responsibility for security of your assets off your shoulders. All assets are custodied by VALOR Prime by default. 

VALOR Prime leverages the custody infrastructure of the SMART VALOR Exchange.

Easy to use payment methods

NFT platforms usually require users to have a Web3 wallet enabled within their browser and loaded with ethereum in order to make purchases. This can become very complicated for the average investor, so we're doing something about it.

Users will be able to access a full range of payment options that include a wide range of fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, CHF and GBP. Credit card and bank transfer will also be supported. These features will be implemented in a phased approach throughout 2021.

VALOR Prime Beta - currently here for you

VALOR Prime Beta was launched on 23rd December 2020, with a basic set of functionalities. All assets listed are Ethereum-based complying with either the ERC721 or ERC1155 standards. All sales are in a fixed price format. Here's what you see in today's beta:

The first European Digital Asset Exchange launching NFT marketplace

SMART VALOR is the first European digital asset exchange which extends the range of available assets to NFTs, creating new investable assets and leading the innovation in the space of asset tokenization.

Coming soon

Coming soon: Pending Regulatory Approval


To enable secure and reliable tokenization of real assets, SMART VALOR has applied for registration as a “Physical Validator”. The “Physical Validator” license was introduced in Liechtenstein as part of the new Blockchain Act this year. It is the most progressive blockchain regulation among European Countries today. With this registration SMART VALOR will be able to validate physical assets, whether tokenized by VALOR Prime or by third parties.

As the first digital asset exchange domiciled in Liechtenstein, SMART VALOR is driving this effort and looking forward to becoming one of the first implementors of the Physical Validator facility.

Here are the advantages of VALOR Prime:

VALOR Prime's main release - check out what we are currently building

Initially each listing is priced in Ether, the native currency of Ethereum. Purchase is payable in ETH or VALOR, the native currency of SMART VALOR, using a web3 wallet. There is discounted price available to those who want to pay in VALOR. You pay 20% less if you buy an asset with VALOR currency.

Payment and discount


After a successful purchase, the asset will be transferred to the user’s VALOR Prime custodial wallet. If the user does not wish to keep the asset custodied within VALOR Prime, then they can request a withdrawal to their personal wallet.

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Founded in the Swiss Crypto Valley in 2017, SMART VALOR was one of the first companies to embrace tokenization and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Acknowledged by Forbes as one of Europe's 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs, SMART VALOR today is leading the way with its fully compliant cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace for digital assets. It is supported by leading Venture Capital funds and a global community of VALOR stakeholders.

Our journey has begun with establishing a safe and fully compliant crypto-fiat exchange - a foundational layer for our infrastructure. On top of this infrastructure, we are building out a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, derivatives and security tokens.


We believe that non-fungible tokens offer the next great opportunity for investors and collectors. Non-fungible tokens represent unique digital assets. These assets can be art, digital goods, domain names, different types of intellectual property or even financial contracts, like insurance or derivatives. For an intro to Non-fungible tokens, please read our beginners guide to non-fungible Tokens.

Why digital art

Amongst NFTs, Digital Art is showing immense promise in the near-term. Data shows that the traditional art market had a market cap of roughly $65 billion for the last few years and outperformed the S&P 500 by over 180%

Therefore, much of the early focus for Valor Prime will be on identifying and giving access to the best opportunities in the digital art space. 

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A new batch of assets will be released on weekly basis. All assets listed are Ethereum-based complying with the ERC721, ERC1155 standards. All sales are in a fixed price format. 

The beta version is just the beginning. The main release will focus on the extension of type of assets and functionality.

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