Beat the winner 
& win up to $4,000!

  • ATTENTION: Due to regulatory requirements only ID cards, passports, driving licences with hologram are accepted. Unfortunately, no paper id cards can be accepted.   

  • Only users who have registered for this event and trade the amounts specified in the rewards and requirement table above are eligible to receive rewards.   

  • Trading volume of each participant will be made publicly available along with the username the participant defines on the registration form.  

  • The trading competition will run from the 8th - 22nd March  

  • Both brokerage and trading amount counts as trading volume. Brokerage refers to direct purchases of cryptocurrency on the platform using a credit card or wire transfer.  

  • The exchange rate in USD is calculated daily at 12PM UTC according to the prices on the SMART VALOR exchange. 

  • Rewards will be paid out within 5 business days after the event has ended.   

  • All trading volume rewards are paid out in bitcoin 

  • Extra rewards earned from placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will be paid out in VALOR tokens. 

  • SMART VALOR has the right to discontinue or change the terms of participation of this event at any time.   

  • This trading competition is limited to 100 participants.   

  • SMART VALOR reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behaviour at any time.  

  • The general terms and conditions of the SMART VALOR platform apply.  

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Terms & conditions

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Register for the event

After our successful trading event in February, we’re giving traders another chance to earn rewards by trying to beat the winner of our last trading event!

Winner Interview: How did he do it?

The winner's Username: Roga 

SMART VALOR: Hello all SMART VALOR customers. We are here with our winner from Austria, who have won the biggest Trading competition of SMART VALOR so far. The goal was to reach a certain trading volume. The 1st place won additional bonus. One more time – Congratulations!  You have won $4000 in cryptocurrencies; how do you feel after the win? 

Roga: Thank you! Amazing! It could not be better. It feels pretty good to win 4000 USD. 

SMART VALOR: This is the right attitude! I have a couple of questions for you. What was your experience like? 

Roga: have been a customer of the platform for 9 months. It's very user friendly; transactions are very fast –depositing and withdrawing funds. This helps me to be flexible by investing my money into Bitcoin, VALOR, Ethereum. Next to this the fees are very low, and I am receiving interest on my crypto – up to 7%! Currently this interest rate is unbeatable by the conventional banks.  

SMART VALOR: I know, currently the banks are giving an interest rate between 0,1 and 0,2 percent. When it comes to earning, the crypto world is very different! Ok, thank you for the positive feedback. Let’s get to the point – you have reached an incredible transaction volume of more than 330 000 dollars. Would you like to share your secret with us – how have you achieved this?   

Roga: It wasn’t that hard, so to say. I’ve used around 1000 dollar, but I have executed multiple trades. I’ve traded the market pair between VALOR and Theter. I’ve done this more than 300 times. With this strategy I’ve managed to reach the volume of 300 000 USD and now the winner is sitting in front of you! Easy!  

SMART VALOR: Sounds easy enough! One more time – Congratulations! And now, how do you intent to use the money you won. 

Roga: Simply put – I will continue investing the money I won. Mainly in bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. I’ll also continue to hodl VALOR mainly because I am convinced that the price will continue to go up. I will stay with SMART VALOR, because I feel secured.  

SMART VALOR: And now is the right time to announce in front of all our customers – we will release a new trading competition with the name Beat the Winner. The new trader, who manages to reach a greater trading volume than you, will win our next big prizeOf course, we will have different levels, so everyone can participate. Wishing all our customers to manage beating your record.  

Roga: I also wish them luck, but do not forget – I’ll be there also!  

SMART VALOR: Great! Thank you for the interview and have fun on the SMART VALOR Exchange!  

Roga: Thank you, bye!  

How to participate



Create an account

If you do not have an account, sign up and complete your KYC verification. 


Start trading

Deposit crypto or fiat onto your account and start trading.

Trading volume Requirements

Trade this amount in volume 

Get this amount in rewards

Receiving your rewards

Rewards will be paid out within 5 business days after the event has ended. Only participants who comply with the terms and conditions of this event will be eligible for the rewards.  

  • All trading volume rewards are paid out in bitcoin 

  • Rewards earned from placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will be paid out in VALOR tokens.  

The highest prize you can win is $4,000. To achieve this, you will need to trade more than the winner’s volume (get $1,800 in BTC) while also placing 1st place amongst the other traders who also were able to beat the winner (get $2,200 in VALOR), bringing your total rewards to $4,000. 

The winner

Roga, the winner of our previous event, started with $1,000 and traded enough to come 1st place, allowing him to win $4,000 in total! Want to learn how he did it? Check out this interview with the winner to get some tips and insights. 

How it works

Rewards are given to traders who are able to outperform the previous winner in their trading volume OR, come close to it. Trade as little as 1% of the winner’s volume to qualify! Trade more than the winner to win BIG! The winner’s trading record is $331,223.00. Think you can beat it? Join this event! Trade on any market available on 


  • You can trade any market available on SMART VALOR. 
  • Buying crypto with a credit card or wire transfer? Both volume from both Crypto-Fiat and Crypto-Crypto trades counts towards your volume! 
  • Be sure to check the leader board daily to see your trading volume and how you rank amongst the other participants. 
  • Save 30% on trading fees when you use VALOR tokens to pay for fees.

>= $3,000 


>= $9,000 


>= $15,000 


>= $30,000 


>= $60,000 


>= $150,000 


> $331,223 



The top 3 users that trade more 
than $331,223 will be placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd 

1st Place: $1,800 + $2,200 extra = $4,000 

2nd Place: $1,800 + $1,200 extra = $3,000 

3rd Place: $1,800 + $700 extra = $2,500 

Get StartedRegisterCreate accountStart tradingTrack Trading VolumesGet StartedGet Started>$3’000>$9’000>$15’000>$30’000>$60’000>$150’000>$331’223 Beat the WinnerThe top 3 users that trade more than $331,223 will be placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd1st Place: $1,800 + $2,200 extra = $4,000 2nd Place: $1,800 + $1,200 extra = $3,000 3rd Place: $1,800 + $700 extra = $2,500$30$80$130$280$500$1200$1,800
2nd Place: $1,800 + $1,200 extra = $3,0003rd Place: $1,800 + $700 extra = $2,5001st Place: $1,800 + $2,200 extra = $4,000