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Redeemable  – Each PAX Gold token is backed by physical gold of highest quality, the London Good Delivery standard. The token tracks to the serial number of each individual bar. Owners can order physical delivery of their gold.

Tokenized Digital record of ownership is enabled through issuance of unique cryptographic object (token) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ease of transferUsers can buy and sell PAX Gold instantly, making the gold trade faster than ever. Or use it for global payment, ultra-fast and at very low cost.

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Reasons to own Gold Now?

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Low Fees  Unlike other forms of gold investments like ETFs, there is zero custody fee on the SMART VALOR platform. The transaction fee is the low rate of less than a third of a percent.

Bankruptcy Remote The funds are guaranteed independent of SMART VALOR and PAXOS Trust Company. Even in the unlikely event that both companies go out of business, users will still own and be able to access their physical gold.

RegulatedSMART VALOR is fully compliant with relevant EU and Swiss regulation. PAX Gold operates within the jurisdiction of the New York Department of Financial Services.

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One PAX Gold token is equal to one fine troy ounce of highest quality gold stored in a high-security vault

PAX Gold  is the modern way to own physical gold

PAX Gold Spot Price $1,713.43 Last updated at 5:24, May 2020

Your protection in the time of crisis

Protection against devaluation of national currencies

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"If you don't own gold, you don't know neither history nor economics"

Ray Dalio

Hedge fund manager, Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest funds

"With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people"

Fridrich Hayek

Austrian Nobel Prize in Economic

"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to prevent confiscation of savings through inflation"

Alan Greenspan

American economist, ex Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

“We have long argued that gold is the currency of last resort, acting as a hedge against currency debasement. Now it is at an inflection point"

Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is an American multinational investment bank and financial services

24 March 2020,    Financial Times:

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Secure your future with Gold

Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar from 1913

1913:  Federal Reserve is created


Bretton Woods established the USD as the world's reserve currency


End of Bretton Woods, Gold Peg  abandoned












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Money printing, quantitative easing and staggering national debts — the global debasement of fiat currencies just entered the new historical epoch.

How to make lots of money during the next downturn

Historically gold has proven to be a safe-haven asset — when the stock market and the rest of the economy fall, gold rises.


What Press say about PAX Gold

Looking for a Safe Haven Digital Asset? Try Gold

English Press 🇬🇧

Apr 3, 2020 CoinDesk

Mar 20, 2020 CoinTelegraph

PAX Gold Can Now Be Traded Against Swiss Franc and British Pound

Der Krypto-Franken: eine «schnelle» Währung ohne Negativzinsen

German Press 🇩🇪

März 31, 2020 Neue Zürcher Zeitung

März 26, 2020 MoneyToday

FinTech Smart Valor folgt dem aktuellen Trend und forciert Anlagen in tokenisiertes Gold

März 20, 2020 Finews

Smart Valor bringt physisches Gold auf die Blockchain

Sept 05, 2019 CoinTelegraph

Paxos Launches PAX Gold, Regulated and Redeemable for Physical Gold

PAX Gold on Smart Valor vs Alternatives

On Smart Valor Platform

Custody Fee: No Fee

Minimum Purchases: No Minimum

Time to Settle: Instant Settle

PAX Gold Redeemable: Instant Redeemable

Regulated: NYDFS Paxos Trust Company

Major Gold ETFs

Custody Fee: 19-40 bps per annum

Minimum Purchases: 1 share ~$150

Time to Settle: T+2 Days

PAX Gold Redeemable: Not Instant

Regulated: SEC & Equivalents

Retail Physical Gold

Custody Fee: 10-100 bps per annum

Minimum Purchases: Variable

Time to Settle: T to T+5 Days

PAX Gold Redeemable: Instant

Regulated: typically unregulated

LBMA 400t oz Gold bar

Custody Fee: 5-25 bps per annum

Min. Purchases: ~$600K min per bar

Time to Settle: T+2 Days

PAX Gold Redeemable: Usually Instant

Regulated: typically unregulated

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International Press: 🇰🇷  🇦🇪  🇯🇵  🇹🇷  🇮🇹

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SMART VALOR والإدراج في منصة

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PAX Gold (PAXG): İsviçre borsasından piyasaya sürülen altına endeksli token

Mar 21, 2020 Bitecoin.it

Smart Valor, la criptovaluta Svizzera lancia PAX Gold (PAXG)

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