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Why & How To Invest In Gold – August 2020 Research Report by SmartValor

Learn the Gold advantage and why it’s growing

A Guide To Investing In Gold: All You Need To Know

Research Report August 2020

The Smart Valor exchange is registered and governed by the laws of Liechtenstein. 

SMART VALOR is a Swiss company, operating a full-service digital asset exchange for trading, custody, staking and issuance which serves the European, Asian, and South American markets. 

The exchange business is registered and governed by the laws of Liechtenstein. The company, founded in 2017 out of Thomson Reuters incubator, is supported by Swiss government via Innosuise program.

Trusted by customers from over 130 countries

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A simple and secure way for both retail and institutional investors  to access liquidity and execute with minimum slippage.

We lower the bar for OTC accessibility by scrapping the minimum order size. This is in stark contrast to the majority of cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges that have mandatory minimums of $100,000 or more. Private individuals can now access this personalized execution without required minimums.

Creating access to liquidity for all types of investors




Trading pairs

Personalized service

In fees when you pay with VALOR

30% Less

A personalized, easily accessible & secure process

Simply place an order from your secured account and let our dedicated team of experts handle everything else. To get started, fill out the form located in the "Buy/Sell" section of your account. 


Seamlessly trade between any of our available assets

Avoid fees for multiple transactions and reduce price slippage by using the OTC desk for non-typical pairs.

Required to place an order

No Minimum

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example: VALOR/ ALGO. Traditionally, an investor would be required to trade their VALOR to BTC to then be able to buy algorand. With our OTC services, investors can directly trade between VALOR and ALGO for a better price and less the effort.