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investors – the world is your playground! 

European Edge


Extend your access to angel investors, crypto investors and other market participants from every part of Europe by listing your digital asset on SMART VALOR. As a registered Financial Intermediary in Switzerland and a fully-compliant exchange in Liechtenstein, we help you float your tokens throughout Europe in full compliance with local laws and requirements. 


Who you are

  • You are an early-stage technology company based in Asia or US. 

  • You have listed your digital asset in Asia or America but have no listing in Europe. 
  • You are seeking better visibility with potential customers in Europe. 

  • You want to raise additional funds from investors in Europe.

What we deliver

  • We list your digital asset on the SMART VALOR exchange, enabling immediate purchase of your token with the highest circulated currencies in Europe: Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound and US Dollar.

  • We help you get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • We onboard and KYC your investors according to EU/ Swiss AML regulation.

  • We publish information about your company on the SMART VALOR platform and broadcast it to selected members of the media. 

  • We keep your funds clean—imposing powerful on-chain anti-money laundering checks on the incoming crypto funds.

  • We safely custody your tokens on the SMART VALOR platform before and after the listing within the treasury individually set-up for your company.

Why you need it

  • You will create a global brand beyond your country.

  • You will tap into the $78 trillion dollars of private wealth from European investors.

  • You will enable an easy yet safe fiat on-ramp for your European community. 


For private companies that have committed investors and are ready to run a compliant private sale. 

Exclusive Private Sale

Listing Services for Companies

We work with you to design the right token format, setup a proper legal entity and define the right listing strategy.

Listing 360

While you focus on building and gaining traction for your product, we work in the background to make sure your first listing is a success.

Initial Exchange Listing

Founders spend months trying to raise money. Now you don't have to. We take care of your full capital raise.

Listing Services for Companies