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You build. We take care of your listing 

Listing 360 


Acquire top-level advice and expertise to ensure you will execute a successful global listing. We work with you to design the right token format, setup a proper legal entity and define the right listing strategy. No more trial and error, SMART VALOR will apply a proven listing process to meet your funding goals.


Who you are

  • You are an early-stage technology company based in Europe. 

  • You just got started and secured a lead investor and initial funding to get your prototype out of the door.
  • Your tech stack or product is related to blockchain technology. 

  • Your team has a heavy technical background, and you need someone to take care of funding and listing. 

What we deliver

  • We create the token and write smart contract. 

  • We advise you on ideal legal set-up and token design. 

  • We help you to receive regulatory clearance, such as no-action letter. 

  • To amplify coverage, we negotiate and prepare your token listing on other exchanges (Asia and US) to achieve truly global coverage and liquidity. 

  • We review and improve your investor pitch deck and review documents. 

  • If necessary, we KYC onboard your investors and implement investor suitability checks for specific jurisdictions (US).

  • We keep your funds clean—imposing powerful on-chain anti-money laundering checks on the incoming crypto funds.

  • We safely custody your tokens on the SMART VALOR platform before and after the sale within the treasury individually set-up for your company, and much more.

Why you need it

  • We simplify your fundraising by giving a convenient all-in-one service package: issuance, legal structuring, token custody, token distribution, exchange listing, treasure management of digital assets, and white-glove service for your investors.

  • You will save on legal fees through this plan.


For private companies that have committed investors and are ready to run a compliant private sale. 

Exclusive Private Sale

Listing Services for Companies

Extend your access to investors from every part of Europe by listing your digital asset on SMART VALOR.

European Edge

While you focus on building and gaining traction for your product, we work in the background to make sure your first listing is a success.

Initial Exchange Listing

Founders spend months trying to raise money. Now you don't have to. We take care of your full capital raise.

Listing Services for Companies