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Exclusive Private Sale

Our exclusive private sales package serves private companies and foundations that possess committed investors or a lead investor and seek to run a private sale that meets regulatory requirements. 

Who you are

  • You plan to raise several rounds and are now approaching your first round in the form of a private sale.

  • After the private sale, you intend to run a larger public sale.

Private sale is your first step in a successful fundraising journey — do it right the first time

What we deliver

  • We draft and upload the private token sales agreement that must be signed by the buyer during the private sale.

  • We execute KYC and onboarding for your retail and institutional investors and implement investor suitability checks for specific jurisdictions.
  • On your behalf, we receive cryptocurrencies, stable coins and fiat (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD) through bank wire and credit card payments.

  • We impose powerful on-chain anti-money laundering checks on all incoming crypto funds and stable coins to keep your funds clean.
  • We distribute digital assets into the wallets of your investors and hold them safely in our custody. 

  • We safely custody your tokens on the SMART VALOR platform within the treasury individually set-up for your company, and much more.

Why you need it

  • We have significant experience running private sales and know what matters for investors.

  • We conduct global private sales in compliance with local regulation.

  • We deliver implacable KYC experience, which is fast yet meets the very high compliance standards of Switzerland and the EU, and much more.

While you focus on building and gaining traction for your product, we work in the background to make sure your first listing is a success.

Initial Exchange Listing

Listing Services for Companies

We work with you to design the right token format, setup a proper legal entity and define the right listing strategy.

Listing 360

Extend your access to investors from every part of Europe by listing your digital asset on SMART VALOR.

European Edge

Founders spend months trying to raise money. Now you don't have to. We take care of your full capital raise.

Listing Services for Companies
  • You are a European early-stage tech company and already have a select list of investors.

  • You engaged several institutional investors that are ready to invest.