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4 Ways to Earn Additional Rewards

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Trade any market & earn bitcoin! 

Terms & conditions

Stake KNC on SMART VALOR and you will get 100% of the rewards (Kyber Staking Base Rewards) paid out in Ethereum (ETH). 

Stake at least 100 KNC
Refer friends

Refer friends to SMART VALOR and you will get 20% more rewards for each friend that completes the onboarding and stakes at least 100 KNC (maximum referral rewards 60%). This reward is paid out in VALOR.

Login at least 10 days during one epoch, which is 14 days on SMART VALOR, and you will receive 50% in additional rewards. This reward is paid out in VALOR.

Login frequently

Purchase your KNC on SMART VALOR before you stake them and you will receive an additional 100% on the staking rewards. This reward is paid out in VALOR.  

Purchase KNC on SMART VALOR 
Stake KNC

SMART VALOR is a Swiss company, operating a full-service digital asset exchange for trading, custody, staking and issuance which serves the European, Asian, and South American markets. 

The exchange business is registered and governed by the laws of Liechtenstein. The company, founded in 2017 out of Thomson Reuters incubator, is supported by Swiss government via Innosuise program. 

  • ATTENTION: Due to regulatory requirements only ID cards, passports, driving licences with hologram are accepted. Unfortunately, no paper id cards can be accepted.    

  • Only users who have registered for this event are eligible to receive rewards.    

  • Only the first 60 participants with the highest trading volume will get rewarded.

  • There is no limit on the number of participants in this event. 

  • The volume tracker will be updated on a daily basis. 

  • Trading volume of each participant will be made publicly available along with the username the participant defines on the registration form.   

  • The trading competition will run from the 5th to the 23rd May 2021, 11:59 PM UAT.

  • Final ranking will be published on May 25th.

  • Both brokerage and trading amount counts as trading volume. Brokerage refers to direct purchases of cryptocurrency on the platform using a credit card or wire transfer.   

  • The exchange rate in USD is calculated daily at 12PM UTC according to the prices on the SMART VALOR exchange.  

  • Final rewards will be calculated, based on the average BTC Price at 12PM UTC during the period of the campaign. 

  • Rewards will be paid out within 5 business days after the event has ended.    

  • All rewards will be distributed in bitcoin. 

  • SMART VALOR has the right to discontinue or change the terms of participation of this event at any time. 

  • SMART VALOR reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behaviour at any time.   

  • The general terms and conditions of the SMART VALOR platform apply. 

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Deposit crypto or fiat onto your account and start trading at least $10,000 in volume to be eligible.


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  • 1st place: $5,000 

  • 2nd place: $4,500 

  • 3rd place: $3,750 

  • 4th - 10th place: $2,470 

  • 11th - 20th place: $1,800

  • 21st - 30th place: $1,310 

  • 31st - 40th place: $660 

  • 41st - 50th place: $376 

  • 51st - 60th place: $300 

Total Prize Pool = $75,000


Trade between any available markets on SMART VALOR to earn rewards in bitcoin! Compete against other traders to win higher rewards. It’s that easy! Once you have traded the minimum of $10,000 in volume you will be entered into the event and your username will appear on the leader board. 

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Event ends on the 23rd May 2021, 23:59 UAT.