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Glass Crane

Glass Crane uses a variety of digital mediums to craft visually arresting and otherworldly realms. With his upmost artistic values placed on transparency, peace, and love for man-kind, Glass Crane ushers forward a sense of wonder and exploration of inner-space as well as an altered sense of reality.

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Glass Crane is a self taught digital artist and motion designer operating primarily in the field of music design. He specialises in branding and custom album art/ packing solutions and have had the opportunities to work with many leading musicians including the Rolling Stones.


Coldie is an award-winning mixed media artist whose work is taking the cryptoart scene by storm. Coldie’s work has featured at major cryptocurrency events such as Bitcoin 2019 in San Francisco and Brooklyn’s famous Ethereal summit. His blockchain themed artwork gives personalized visual representation of the industry as a whole. Coldie has fully immersed himself into the world of blockchain and crypto, understanding the positive effects of this disruptive industry. As a result, Coldie has established himself creating rare and unique NFTs which have become a desire for many collectors and digital art lovers. Coldie is also the first artist to tokenize stereoscopic 3d art adding to his array of talents.

Coldie’s style is niche and he has been known to create decentralized portraits by sourcing over 10 images and recombining to fuse into his specific style. His piece ‘Euphoria’ epitomizes this. He has combined and created a piece of work that will allow the ‘admirer’ to feel a sensation of euphoric feelings while also enabling them to generate their own perspective of what Euphoria means to them. Art is subjective and this piece, along with the many others that Coldie has created over the last couple of years, generates an empowerment based on the minds of the digital art enthusiast.

Fabio Giampietro

Fabio Giampietro was born in Milan in the 1970’s, a city where he still lives and paints today. His work has been displayed in multiple exhibitions across the globe and he recently partook in a solo show at the Palazzo Reale which allowed him to rise as one of the most promising young painters in the Italian art scene. His work has been recognized worldwide and in 2016 he became a recipient of the Lumen Prize Gold Award. As a contemporary oil painter, Giampietro has found himself embracing traditional techniques from the early 1900’s and infusing them with modern technologies such as virtual reality. This has allowed him to easily penetrate the cryptoart scene and he is expected to attract a variety of attention through his upcoming NFTs.

Giampietro’s style is focused on virtual expansion which invites viewers to test their reality within recently exploded boundaries. His work calls on all the resources of human’s psychosensory abilities and viewers regularly feel that they are taken into a ‘new reality’. His unique 1/1 piece ‘Victorian Vertigo’ embodies this completely. It depicts an urban scene from a height that any viewer can automatically feel. The piece has been created using monochromatic tones in a style that gives you that incredible but potentially terrifying sensation of falling from the sky.


Pak is one of the most successful creators selling their work on the Ethereum network. Pak is most famous for creating Archillect but what is most fascinating is the close guarded secrets of Pak’s physical identity. Enthusiasts are speculating daily on whether Pak is a person or an AI constructed by a team of talented engineers. Pak is a legend of the digital art scene and as an early adopter has over 25 years experience of embracing new technologies. In 2020, his ‘Reboot Ginerva’ piece sold for 20ETH resulting in a big catalyst for the digital art NFT boom.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is a Canada-born but Scotland-moulded artist who has been on a true art adventure. After graduating from Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Arts with a MA (Hons) Fine Art distinction, Jones has been on a journey that has embraced modern technologies and adopted innovative sciences. His work has been critically acclaimed by several media outlets including national newspaper, The Scotsman and mainstream television channel, STV. After becoming one of the first artists to incorporate AR into his oil paintings, Jones has spent the last few years completely consumed in the cryptoart space.

Frenetik Void

Franco Verrascina is an Argentinian young artist who has been in touch with digital artistry since his childhood due to his father’s relationship with software development. He created Frenetik Void from his exploration into digital art. His work has featured in exhibitions such as The Wrong Digital Art Biennale and Iconic Biennale. The work Verrascina has completed with Frenetik Void has seen him recognized worldwide with prestigious awards. Bold colors combined with soft tones has seen Frenetik Void become one of the most well-known innovators within the digital art scene.

The style and work of Frenetik Void unfolds in a limitless science-fiction environment. A post-human universe that combines make-belief with surrealism. These unique masterpieces always contain an element of constant while representing multiple behaviors. His 2019 piece ‘I sometimes dream without guilt’ takes the viewer into the oxymoron of safety and potential danger. The piece infuses pastel colors with the profound feeling that expressionless faces can encounter in the mind of a collector. This style and uniqueness has seen Frenetik Void create one of the most sought-after NFTs within the growing landscape of cryptoart.

Pak’s style has been described as a ‘passionate dreamer’. The art combines vivid imagination with both a mathematical background and a down-to-earth science. His art is diverse and seen by many as futuristic but with a flawless aesthetic. Pak has also collaborated with other digital artists, such as Trevor Jones, to create unique pieces such as ‘Stay Here’, part of the Moment collection. ‘Stay Here’ is a unique piece that allows the viewer to feel a sense of protection from a parent or sibling through the genius of an illustration. Despite an eerie feeling from some of the surroundings, the eye watching over you creates the perception of safety.

Jone’s style is powered by color and his artwork directly influences your soul. All his work tells a story but depending on the viewer, the art pieces will tell a different story. This is why Trevor Jones was able to easily join forces with Pak, both using their unique styles and techniques to create a truly special experience for every digital art collector. The Moment collection is an assembly of 14 unique pieces that Jones has created with Pak to give art lovers the perfect set of NFTs that change your perspective every time you admire them.