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Why & How To Invest In Gold – August 2020 Research Report by SmartValor

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Research Report August 2020

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1. Bitcoin

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Whom is it for?

You love crypto and want to share it with your loved ones. 

But in the way they can see and touch it. 

You want to give something valuable? 

Something on the cutting-edge of technology? 

Something beautiful? 

Look no further – get the Bitcoin Art NFT Special today. 
Only limited amount of each artwork available.

The Artwork

This year’s Christmas special brings together the symbols of birth  and genesis.  
The birth of Christ. 
The Genesis of Bitcoin 
We’ve selected the three most iconic classical artworks symbolizing Christmas. 
The background embraces the code of the genesis block of Bitcoin

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Choose from the collection of 3 unique pieces

Size: The gallery print’s size - 30cm x 40cm 

Derived from: 

Original Title: The Sistine Madonna
Artist: Raphael
Year: 1512
Place of original work: Gemäldergalarie Alte Meister, Dresden, Germany 

Raphael's Genesis Madonna 

Limited edition: Only 10 pieces available

NFT coin ID: valorprime.eth 0001 I 01/10 - 0010 I 10/10

The Theme
The background embraces the code of the Bitcoin genesis (Block 0) created by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. The art piece also portrays the fractional representation of Bitcoin in the lower right corner. 

How to order

Step 2.

Step 3.

After submitting your details, proceed to purchase the required amount of cryptocurrency on the SMART VALOR exchange. 

After successfully completing steps 1 & 2, a representative will be in touch with you in 1-2 business days to ensure you receive your art piece. 

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  • *Digital Art NFT – does not include smart phone, watch – these items are placed for illustration purposes only. 

  • **Regional limitation for physical picture delivery: this component of the package can only be delivered free of charge to customers with delivery address in Switzerland and European Union. Customers outside of these regions will be provided with shipping cost reference and will have to pay the shipping expenses.   

  • Period of Christmas Special: 16-31 December 2020.   

  • Cryptocurrency purchase: To receive this package, you need to register or have account on SMART VALOR digital asset exchange and purchase selected amount of cryptocurrency for fiat currency. Payment is possible via credit card or bank wire.  

  • Physical picture shipment: You need to enter name and delivery address of receiving person in the type form here.  

  • Artwork reservations: One of the available NFTs/pictures is reserved for you after the purchase of cryptocurrency on SMART VALOR and filling out registration form. There is no option to reserve an artwork before the cryptocurrency purchase.  

  • Transfer of cryptocurrency to a gift receiving person: The person you want to give this present to will need to open an account on SMART VALOR exchange or set up any other walletYou can transfer the cryptocurrency from your SMART VALOR wallet to the person receiving the present through the crypto withdrawal function.  

  • NFT receival: The NFT can be received and custodied on VALOR Prime. The NFT represents the ownership right to the digital artwork and physical picture.  

  • Cryptocurrency custodyThe purchased cryptocurrency will be initially hold in custody on SMART VALOR digital asset exchange. 

  • Picture production and delivery times: Production time: 5 business days; shipping time: 1-5 days in EU and Switzerland. 

  • This special offer runs while supply lasts.   

  • The general business terms and conditions of the SMART VALOR platform applies. 

  • SMART VALOR reserves the right to cancel or alter any details of this offer at any time. 

                                      Terms and conditions 

Risk Disclosure: Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in prices and incur permanent loss of capital and are therefore not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision. More information is available under Risk Disclosure. 

Comes together with the purchase of 1 bitcoin. 

Bitcoin art 

Giotto's Bitcoin Nativity

Comes together with the purchase of 0.1 bitcoin. 

Limited edition: Only 20 pieces available

NFT coin ID: valorprime.eth 0012 I 02/20 - 0030 I 20/20

The Theme:
The background embraces the code of the Bitcoin genesis (Block 0) created by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. The art piece also portrays the representation of Bitcoin in the upper right part of the picture.

Size: The gallery print’s size - 30cm x 30cm

Derived from: 

Original Title: Nativity. Birth of Jesus
Artist: Giotto
Year: 1304
Place of original work: Padua, Italy

Ethereum Adoration

Comes together with the purchase of 1 ethereum.

Limited edition: Only 20 pieces available

NFT coin ID: valorprime.eth 0031 I 1/20 - 0050 I 20/20

The Theme:
The background embraces the code of the Ethereum genesis block. The art piece also portrays a representation of Ethereum in the background nestled into the ancient arch.  

Size: The gallery print’s size - 30cm x 30cm 

Derived from: 

Original Title: Adoration of the Magi
Artist: Albrecht Dürer
Year: 1504
Place of original work: Florence, Italy

Step 1.

Submit your details such as the address for physical delivery and the name of the person receiving the present here.

Bitcoin Art NFT Special

New to NFTs?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. To under what that means its important to understand what non fungible means. If something is fungible, it is mutually exchangeable. To be clearer, it can be exchanged like-for-like with an identical itemUS Dollars and Euros are two examples of fungible assets. Bitcoin is a fungible asset because each bitcoin is interchangeable with another. They are identical in every way.  Therefore, if something is non-fungible, it is the oppositeNon-fungible goods are truly unique. Art, Gold, even your house are all non fungible items. Read more about NFTs here.

A bit about NFTs